About US


Larrea Partners is a real estate investment and private equity firm focused on the acquisition and repositioning of underutilized commercial and multifamily assets throughout the Western United States. This includes the acquisition of physical assets as well as opportunistic real estate backed debt and equity opportunities.


We strive to be on the cutting edge of trends and encourage free, creative and entrepreneurial thinking when it comes to solving problems and seizing opportunities.


Our culture is one of open communication, data sharing, and equal footing for all principals which allows us to leverage our collective experience to put the success of our acquisitions and the interests of our investors first.


We only invest in properties where we have extensive expertise in both property type and location.


We rely on decades of experience reinforced by real-world risk assessment and thorough investment modeling.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Larrea Partners?

We own and develop multifamily, industrial, and retail properties. So in this regard, we’re kind of like most of your clients already.

Will you protect me if I bring you off-market deals?

If we haven’t seen it or aren’t already working on it, yes, 100%. We would rather get the deal 6 times from 6 brokers than miss an opportunity. Basically, if you see it, bring it to us quickly, we are first-come, first serve.

How are you any different than the other 12 buyers that called me last week?

We approach the market with a ‘people before transactions’ mentality, and follow 4 very simple principles to ensure we are consistent in this approach:

You will know where we stand quickly - When you submit properties to us (an e-blast to your entire database with no other outreach is the exception) you will receive feedback and our interest level within 24 hours.

You will know where you stand quickly - We will confirm your representation the same business day you submit a property.

You will be protected - Procuring brokers will always be protected whether you represent the seller or not.

We will succeed together - Deals sold to us will be returned to you when we are ready to sell. So basically we’re nothing like any of the 12 “Buyers” you already have.

How does working with you benefit me?

You will have more certainty, more protection, and more honesty than is typically found in buyer/broker relationships. By the nature of our investment strategy, we are incentivized to transact more frequently than almost anyone you work with.

What do we buy?

Currently, we are actively seeking to buy multifamily, retail, self storage, and industrial properties in California. We buy opportunities and love making money. To see our up-to-date acquisition requirements, see below.

Will you protect me if I bring you deals that aren’t mine?

Yes, if we have not been working on the deal with someone else previously.

How much cash do you have sitting ready to deploy now?

Between ourselves and our partners, we have access to the liquidity of over $100 Million.

What do you/have you owned?

Larrea’s principals have owned apartment buildings, retail centers, single-tenant NNN properties, and assisted living facilities. Currently, its principals own retail and assisted living properties.

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