Multifamily: Case Study #1

MOney Grows ON The Tree Of Persistence

The principals raised $3,500,000 to acquire and hold distressed real estate from 2010-2017, focusing on small multifamily properties, primarily in South and East Los Angeles. The portfolio was upgraded using equity and cash flow, and 100% of the equity was returned to the partners within 24 months. The portfolio was refinanced multiple times and additional acquisitions were made using proceeds from the financing events. The principals began selling portions of the portfolio as early as 2012 and completed the disposition process in 2017. The approximate multiple on this fund was 8.49x, and carried with it an infinite IRR as initial equity was returned within 24 months.


Capital Raise 1

Fund Life- 7 Years

Initial Equity Raise- $3,500,000

Total Investment- $17,472,000

Total Debt at Conclusion: $8,736,000

Liquidation Event at End of Year 7- $38,480,000


Multifamily: Discretionary – Product Type Specific


Current Status



Case Study #2 : Senior Housing

Solid Returns For Today Good Name Forever

Raised Equity for the development of an assisted living community in Palm Springs, CA. Equity raised $3.6mm, equity out for 18 months, the community was refinanced and $2,000,000 of equity was returned.  Currently, annual net cash flow after debt service is $165,000 allowing investors a 10.3% cash on cash return.

 Partners in Larrea are LP investors in 9 other real estate and real estate related ventures with a total portfolio value of +$88mm.